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Essential oils are powerful oils obtained from flowers, fruits, barks and roots by steam distillation.
For centuries herbalists have used plants as natural medicines and touch is an ancient healing art which helps release both muscular and emotional tension.
Aromatherapy treatments combine the essential oils with the nurturing touch of the therapist and together they aim to reduce bodily aches and pains and relieve tensions. The result is a sense of well being which encourages the body's own healing powers.
Regular massage enables you to experience true relaxation and is an excellent partner to yoga exercise.

Karen first came to Kovalam in 1997 for a holiday and was so moved by the place and the people, was inspired to open her own retreat there so that she could share her experience and combine life and work in a rewarding way.
She met Sivan when he came to run a yoga course at the retreat and they married in January 1999. Together they ran yoga and massage holidays in Kovalam for a number of years before spending 18 months in Cornwall.
Returning to Kerala in 2003 they founded Shanti Bhavan.
Happy to be back 'home' Karen feels her massage has more impact than in England; "it's affordable, people have more time, life is less hectic and it's the perfect place to unwind and let go."
"I love being here" she says, "India constantly forces you to
re-assess what's important and then rewards you with its treasures"

A qualified and experienced therapist, Karen trained in London with Robert Tisserand in 1993.



1 hour treatment £8
Course of 3 £21

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